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Juego de tarjetas de afirmación SUD

20 Afirmaciones Positivas SUD, Discursos de la Conferencia General y Escrituras para ayudarlo a tener un diálogo interno positivo.

** Reservados todos los derechos. Ninguna parte de estas tarjetas puede reproducirse de ninguna forma ni por ningún medio sin el permiso por escrito del editor, Salt&Hart LLC.

Intellectual Reserve, Inc. o la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días no fabrican, proporcionan, aprueban ni promocionan este producto.

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Natasha Schartz
Absolutely Wonderful

I am obsessed with these affirmation cards! I’m sure like everyone else at some point in time goes through rough patches and just need a few reminders daily why we are here or what makes us who we are. These cards provide that reminder for me. I also gifted a set of these cards to my sister-in-law for Mother’s Day and she is also obsessed! Thank you!!

Impacting my family’s lives, seriously!

Not only are these aesthetically beautiful, but the words are too. What I love is that this isn’t just her own made up words or ideas, but on the back of each card is has the scripture it comes from AND a QR code from an apostle of the Lord. In this day and age, we need more direct quotes and daily applications from doctrinal sources.

My son has been struggling with loving himself lately. So we’ve been reading the same card each day for a week at a time and now he reads them out loud! (He used to NEVER say anything good about himself). I help him draw applications from the affirmation to his real life. These truly are making a difference in our home. We keep an affirmation on the dinner table each day so it’s seen often.

The ONLY thing is the stain “dark” wood looks much darker than the picture. Next time I’ll go with light! Still love it though, and it’s making a difference in our home!


LDS Affirmation Cards Set

Barbara Ney

LDS Affirmation Cards Set

Jannah Haines
Better than anticipated

The affirmations aren't fluff! She took time to find actual messages from leaders (prophets and apostles) as well as scripture. So you know the uplifting messages ring with truth not flattery like many sources from the world. I am so happy with this!!