Juego de cartas de 50 nombres de Jesucristo


Have powerful reminders of Christ to help you feel the Spirit throughout your day. 50 Names of Jesus Christ with correlating Old and New Testament KJV scriptures. Simple, beautiful, and meaningful.

** Reservados todos los derechos. Ninguna parte de estas tarjetas puede reproducirse de ninguna forma ni por ningún medio sin el permiso por escrito del editor, Salt&Hart LLC.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Love these as wedding gifts

I buy these as wedding gifts and everyone loves them-a perfect touch for a new home!

Dawn Gill
Excellent product-excellent customer care

This has been a wonderful company to work with. I have placed many orders for wedding gifts and plan to do many more! Everyone is thrilled with their gift-terrific product.

Jennifer Crooks
Beautiful Set

Superior quality card stock. Lovely cards.

Wendy Siebert
Simple and Classic

This is such a beautiful item to display at home. So simple but so meaningful and I love to change the names every so often to fit the different roles the Savior is playing in my life at the time.

Bonnie Lofgren
Love these so much!

I love the 50 names of Jesus Christ card set! I bought several sets and gave them to my dearest friends to use as kind of a advent to count down to Christmas.
There are more names than days to Christmas, but I thought, focusing on the Savior every day would be a great way to prepare for Christmas!! And then continue on through the rest of the holidays until the names are all displayed. I plan when I get to the end of the pack to just start over again.
Thank you so so much for this simple way to put Jesus Christ at the center of our lives.