4 ways to create lasting memories with your daughter. The best to create a strong bond with your daughter. 

OK YOU GUYS, I’M GOING TO GET PERSONAL! At my ultrasound to find out the gender of my first baby, when the tech said “It’s a girl.” I (and I’m not kidding) said out loud. “OH CRAP”. Raising girls can be tough. I know first hand from teaching dance for over 17 years.  *Cough*….Junior High girls. Please tell me you all feel the same I was so terrified that I came up with these questions to ask her everyday.  These questions help her understand her heart, help her learn to love and giver her confidence.

First I ask her what she loves.
1. I wish I could ______________ everyday.
2. The best day of my life was…
3. I want to be like ______ when I grow up.
4. _______________ is beautiful.

Next I ask her some confidence questions.
1. Who makes you feel the best about yourself? Why?
2. Name 5 things you’re good at.
3. What makes you different?
4. If you could change one thing about yourself, what?

Then some kindness questions.
1. What did you do today that was nice?
2. Who was kind to you today?
3. How much do I love you?
4. How does being nice make you feel?

Then to get her to laugh before she sleeps I ask would you rather questions (she loves them)
1. Would you rather have 100 brothers or 100 pets?
2. Would you rather only run everywhere you go or only be able to walk slow?

Asking these questions to my daughter has create meaningful memories. Tell me In the comments below what you do to create memorable moments with your kids.

 Xoxo -Beth 



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